Communicable Disease Program

Communicable DiseaseThe Communicable Disease Program of Central Utah Public Health Department works to promptly detect, investigate and prevent further transmission of communicable disease within the six-county jurisdiction.  A communicable disease is any disease that is transmitted through contact with an infected individual or indirectly through a vector.

Also called infectious or contagious disease, public health is concerned with specific communicable diseases that can spread to the community.  The program uses evidence-based decision making in public health through skillful epidemiology and laboratory science principles to protect the health of our community.
We seek to monitor disease-reporting through building relationships with community partners such as health care providers and laboratories in order to detect trends and to assess the public health impact of diseases.  Upon detection, we seek to promptly investigate disease cases and outbreaks along with any unusual situations that hold a potential public health concern. 

We implement control measures to minimize further transmission of disease and seek to explain public health interventions utilizing health education messages to the community in order to enhance disease control efforts.
Utah law requires that certain diseases be report immediately. 

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