Autism AwarenessClinical Services

April is Autism Awareness month and aims to make the public more aware of Autism.
In the United States Autism affects 1:88 children.

As explained in this youtube video, children and adults with Autism aredifferent, they are not disabled, they don't always react appropriately, theydon'tunderstand emotion and they are not broken and don't need to be fixed. What they do need is for people to be patient, listen, help them avoid sudden unexpected  change in routine, ask them detailed questions about things they are interested in and don't get frustrated if the person doesn't look at you or make eye contact.

The reason people with autism are different is because they have deficits in: Social Interaction, Impairment in communication and Repetitive and Stereotyped patterns of behavior. This youtube video explains thesedeficits. Services


July 5, 2017