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Due to increased incidents of infection and improper body art practices there was a push throughout the state for regulations on all forms of Body Art.  The state suggested rule for Body Art was amended and adopted by the Central Utah Public Health Department on May 3, 2007. 
“Body art means the practice of physical body adornment by permitted establishments, operators using, but not limited to, the following techniques: body piercing, tattooing, cosmetic tattooing, branding, and scarification.  This definition does not include practices that are considered medical procedures by a state medical board, such as implants under the skin, which shall not be performed in a body art establishment.  Nor does this definition include, for the purposes of this regulation, piercing of the outer perimeter or lobe of the ear with pre-sterilized single-use stud-and-clasp
ear-piercing systems.” Body Art establishments must apply for an operating permit and pay the appropriate fee to the health department each year.  Each Body Art Technician must apply for their own technician permit and pay the appropriate fee each year. The establishment fee pays for one inspection each year covering signage, required forms, procedures, safety, sanitation, and overall cleanliness.  The technician fee pays for inspections of each technician’s education, procedures, and practices. Any and all procedures require documentation that proper education of the patrons was given and if under 18 that the parent/guardian was there in person to approve any procedure.
Body Art Operatot Permit Application
Body Art Establishment Permit Application 
Body Art Inspection Sheet
Body Art Regulation


July 5, 2017