The Healthy Living through Environment, Policy, & Improved Clinical Care Program (EPICC)

The Healthy Living through Environment, Policy, and Improved Clinical Care Program (EPICC) is a program resulting from the consolidation of three programs (Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program, and the Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity Program).(
Physical activity and proper nutrition are both part of a healthy lifestyle. We promote healthy behaviors including regular physical activity and good nutrition to improve health and quality of life for community members. We influence change within schools, worksites, communities, and healthcare settings. Nutrition presentations may be offered at local Senior or Community Centers. We assist with the annual Healthy Richfield program, and actively participate in planning meetings.

Physical Activity Resources in Local Communities:

Check out Farmer’s Markets in the Central Utah Health District

To find out more about presentations, or Healthy Richfield, contact your local county office. For more information about the EPICC Program, visit


July 5, 2017