Food Safety

Food Safety Program

The food safety program works to ensure safe food service practices. We offer public education, issue Food Handler cards and inspect and permit food service establishments.
The Food Safety staff helps to prevent food borne illness in Central Utah through the following activities:

Online classes are still offered through several vendors, and link to each vendor's training are included below.

Additional classes will be provided on an "as needed" basis when five or more individuals are requesting Food Handler training. Please contact the instructors listed below for more information or to schedule a class.

2018 Food Handler Class Schedule
Date Time County Location Instructor
January 9 3:00 Sanpete Mt Pleasant Jason Hatch
February 6 3:00 Sevier Richfield Mike Grimlie
March 12 3:00 Sanpete Mt. Pleasant Jason Hatch
April 3 3:00 Sevier Richfield Mike Grimlie
May 14 3:00 Sanpete Mt Pleasant Jason Hatch
June 5 3:00 Sevier Richfield Mike Grimlie
July 9 3:00 Sanpete Mt Pleasant Jason Hatch
August 7 3:00 Sevier Richfield Mike Grimlie
September 10 3:00 Sanpete  Mt Pleasant Jason Hatch
October 2 3:00 Sevier Richfield Mike Grimlie
November 19 3:00 Sanpete  Mt Pleasant Jason Hatch
December 4 3:00 Sevier Richfield Mike Grimlie
For More Information, Contact:
Mike Grimlie 435-896-5451
Jason Hatch 435-462-2449
Brad Johnson 435-623-0696
Nathan Selin 435-896-5451












Food Handlers Permit (FHP) Information 
ALL food service employees are required by State law to have this certification. This includes cooks, servers, hostesses, dishwashers; and cashiers in convenience stores that serve potentially hazardous foods such as soups, hotdogs, and other foods prepared on-site. It is also recommended for nurse's aides. If your job involves handling food, you need a Food Handler's Permit.
Classes take about an hour. You will watch a video detailing correct food and utensil handling, hand-washing, cooking and cooling, and dishwashing. Afterward you will need to pass a multiple-choice test.
A Food Handler's Permit is good for three years, only in the six county health district. FHP or equivalent holders from other states must take the Utah course. For class times, costs and other information, contact your local health department office.
Due to the short time of the course, latecomers may be turned away!

Food Establishment Inspections and Operation Permits
Food establishments that sell or serve food to the public must get a permit and be inspected by the Central Utah Public Health Department. These establishments include restaurants, coffee shops, delis, grocery stores, school kitchens, temporary events where food is sold and more.
Click here for a permit application. Please bring the application to your local health department office.
The purpose of the inspection is to assure that the food is being handled properly from preparation through serving. Inspectors observe kitchen workers' food handling practices, inspect refrigerators and storage areas, take food temperatures, assure correct use of sanitizers and hand-washing practices. Any problem found is written up on an inspection report, and the manager is taught the correct procedure or method immediately.
To report a potential violation in food safety, contact your local county office.

Below is a list of online food handler training providers that have been approved by the State of Utah. If a training provider is not approved by the State of Utah, the food handler permit will not be valid.

123 Premier Food Safety

Above Training, Inc/

Ace Food Handler

Easy Food Handlers

eFoodhanlders, Inc

SafeWay Certifications/Responsible Training

ServSafe Food Handlers Training

Tap Series, LLC

Utah Food Certification

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April 23, 2018