Physical Activity Resources in Millard County

Millard County Department of Recreation
Millard County Recreation offers a variety of programs including:  basketball, volleyball, racquet ball, tennis, baseball, softball, flag football and swimming.  
West Millard Office                                East Millard Office                        
81 S. Manzanita                                      55 S 100 West                      
Delta, Utah 84624                                  Fillmore,  Utah  84631                      
435-864-3133                                          435-590-1796                

West Millard Swimming Pool     East Millard Swimming Pool
201 E 300 North                                  55 S 100 W
Delta, Utah  84624                              Fillmore, Utah 84631
435-864-3133                                      435-743-4602     

Sunset Golf Course                  Paradise Golf Course                                                             1800 US-6                                      905 North Main                                                             Delta, Utah   84624                     Fillmore,  Utah 84631                                                          
  435-864-2508                                 435-743-4439

illard County Recreation offers programs for participants from ages 5 through adult, depending on the.lap swimming and exercise classes. West Millard Pool has a
West & East Millard 5K Runs

· Annual Snow Goose Chase 5k/10k  
· Firecracker 5K 4th of July
· “Run to Remember” (November)
· 5K Color Run in July 3rd & Fillmore Freedom Run (5K) Fillmore  July 4th
·Tri for Freedom (Triathalon in Fillmore) July 4th
· Kanosh/ Pahvant Race July 24
· AppleFest 5K/10K

Free Resources
· Notch Peak  (Elev—9,654 ft)  44 miles southwest of Delta in the Sawtooth Range  The  trail is 9 miles round trip with a 2,700 feet elevation change.
· Crystal Peak  (elev- 7064 ft .Crystal Peakin the Wah Wah Range is composed of white volcanic rock. The closest gas station is 40 miles away and there is no water available
· Swasey Peak  (Elev -9,669 ft)  located in the house range  day hike4 miles round trip
· Mine Camp Peak - (Elev 10,222) feet Millard County’s highest peak  located east of Fillmore  - 6 mile trail.
· Great Basin National Park including Mt. Wheeler (elevation 13,063 ft)  Hiking season is from June to September. Includes more than 60 miles of trails.

 Bicycle Rides
Deseret  South to the Great Stone Face: It’s about 15 miles if you ride round-trip, about half on pavement and half on an improved gravel road.  The turnoff from Hwy 256 is signed. The highway and gravel road plunge through farm country and then out  into the Desert. The route is mostly flat.
Notch Peak Loop Ride:  This is a more difficult ride .  The entire loop is about 70 miles. The section of road through Dome Canyon between Howell  Swasey Peaks includes an elevation  change of 1500 ft. You can do an enjoyable 10 mile ride through to a shuttle vehicle on the other side. 

Gunnison Bend Reservoir  
Entrance to the park is free of charge. The park is open from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.To get to the park, go west on Delta’s Main Street, cross the overpass, and take the road to Sutherland. Turn left at 3000 West and travel two miles south.

Healthy Cooking Classes
The  Millard County Extension Service offers food sense classes to various community groups including Head Start, Delta Youth Activity Center, Delta Sands apt. Mt. Catherine Manor, Mental Health and Special Needs adults. To request a class Mary Anna Henke can be contacted at the following locations:


83 South Manzanita Avenue     
Delta, Utah/ Phone: 435-864-1480  
50 South Main
Fillmore, Utah/ Phone: 435-743-4900   





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July 5, 2017