safe drivingSafe Driving Behaviors 

The major causes of traffic-related deaths are drowsy driving, impaired driving, not buckling up, aggressive driving, and distracted driving. We work with Zero Fatalities to encourage safe driving behaviors.
Motor vehicle traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teens nationwide. Utah teen drivers represent a small percent of all licensed drivers, but they cause more than three times as many crashes as the average driver. To address this public safety concern, Zero Fatalities came up with a program for teens called 'Don't Drive Stupid.'
We work with the Don’t Drive Stupid campaign to educate teens about dangerous driving habits, and provide educational opportunities to promote safe driving. High schools have the opportunity to participate in the Don’t Drive Stupid contest, in which they coordinate one activity each month of the school year that addresses a driving behavior. Presentations and resources are offered to health teachers, counselors, and driver’s ed teachers as well.
We are currently sponsoring a “Bucket List” campaign with all public and private high schools in our district. A display is exhibited prominently in each school, and students enter a drawing for gas cards by filling in this statement: 
“By not texting and driving, I will live to:________.” 
Students identify an item on their bucket list, and appropriate entries are read during morning announcements.
To find out more about safe driving behaviors, presentations, or educational material, contact your local county office. For more information on Zero Fatalities, visit For more information on Don’t Drive Stupid, visit



July 5, 2017