tanning bedTanning Salon Regulations

On May 16, 2008, R392-700 Indoor Tanning Bed Sanitation regulations were made effective.  This was in response to an increased awareness of the dangers from the use and especially the overuse/misuse of tanning beds.  The regulations give a foundation for safety. 

The rules specify safety devices, required information, and protocols so that equipment and surrounding areas are clean and sanitary.  This includes requirements for signage and educational forms so that anyone may gain a basic understanding of the dangers of tanning beds and make an informed decision.

Tanning bed establishments are required to apply for an operating permit and pay the associated fee each year.  This fee covers the once a year inspection to ensure compliance with the current laws and more importantly that they are maintaining a safe environment. 

During the inspection the establishment must have documentation that all patrons have been given the required information.  If the patron is under the age of 18 they must also show that the parent or guardian has given permission.  These are documents signed by the appropriate entities and must be done each year.
Tanning Facility Permit Application
Tanning Salon Inspection Report
Ultraviolet Warning Sign


July 5, 2017