underground storageUnderground Storage Tanks

Underground Storage Tanks (UST's) are used to store gasoline and diesel fuel at gas stations, convenience stores, private companies, and state and municipal facilities, to fuel vehicles, equipment or emergency generators. UST's are required by federal law to have leak detection and overfill protection systems to prevent releases of fuels into the environment. These systems are inspected each year. The results are reported to the state authorities.

Information for UST Owners and Operators
Under Utah Administrative Code Title R311, an annual inspection of all active petroleum underground storage tank facilities is required by the Department of Environmental Quality of the state-appointed local health agency. The most important points of the inspection are:

The Health Department conducts inspections of all USTs. To schedule an annual inspection with a scientists from either CUPHD or the State Department of Environmental Quality contact your local county office.

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July 5, 2017