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Born in Utah? 
Going to School? Getting a Driver’s License? Planning Retirement? Traveling?
We can help!  For anyone born in Utah since 1905 we can issue a certificate.
We can quickly issue certificates for 1931 to the present.
Cost is $20 for one copy and $10.00 for each additional copy of the same record at the same time. There are additional costs for birth certificates from 1905-1930 and 1948-1950 at this time.
An application and valid identification is required.
We can also issue other vital records documents.  Call for more info.

Vital Records
The State of Utah began tracking birth and death records in 1905. Vital Records such as Birth and Death records are available at Central Utah Public Health Department (CUPHD) offices. Marriage, Divorce and Stillbirth certifications are also available. These records are certified copies of what is on file at the State office and are used for school and college registration, sports program qualifications, driver’s license applications, passports and travel.

Each office in CUPHD’s area accepts applications which are then processed through the Sevier County office.  If there is a problem with the certificate, such as misspelled names or wrong information, we can also assist in getting those corrections completed. In 2015, the department issued almost 7000 sheets of certified paper for vital records. Of that amount, about 1735 were birth certificates.

Records that are available on the computer data-base at the health department are Birth Certificates: 1931 to the present time; Death Certificates: from August 1, 2006 to the present time; Marriage and Divorce certifications: 1978 to the present time; Stillbirth certificates: 2004 to the present time. Death Certificates are also available from 1979 – July 31, 2006 for the six county area only. These records are only available from our office for Utah births, deaths etc. Any Utah certificate that can’t be accessed on the computer, can be ordered from the State Vital Records office for an additional fee. Assistance is available from our staff for vital records from out of the state of Utah.


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April 23, 2018