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The Central Utah Public Health Department has an in-house laboratory facility to test for bacteria in drinking water. We provide this service for individuals and community water systems. Individuals may test their water if they have a private well, or if they want to check water that comes from a community system. Community systems are required to test their water on a regular basis, and the lab reports these results to the State Department of Environmental Quality. Water testing and proof of potable water availability are frequently required for building permits.

How to Take Water Samples

  1. Obtain the proper sterilized bottles from the Central Utah Public Health Department. We cannot accept water samples in any other container.
  2. Try to take samples from inside a home, preferably at the bathtub.
  3. Do not take samples from a tap that has a screen or is on a swivel.
  4. Do not put your finger in the bottle or on the inside of the cap. Do not lay the cap down, or allow anything to touch the inside of the cap or bottle.
  5. Do not overflow the bottle with the water.
  6. Try to keep the bottle away from sunlight and cool at all times.
  7. The sample must be delivered to the lab within 30 hours.
  8. Fill out the left side of the lab slip completely, including your mailing address and a phone number. A phone number is essential, because if your sample shows bacteria, we must be able to notify you as quickly as possible.

Drinking Water


July 5, 2017